valentine’s day decorationsP1000266

dungeness crab, house tofu, sea lettuce, grapefruit ponzoP1000267

hamachi, whipped olive, orange-soy, corianderP1000271

lollipop kale, creme fraiche, pig ears, togarashiP1000272

egg yolk gnocchi, mushroom brown butter, hen of the woodsP1000274

la quercia ham, chewy beets, yogurt, nutmeg oilP1000279

smoked trout, fresh and pickled radish, ciabattaP1000281

wild rock cod, winter squash, saffron-quinceP1000284

beef cheeks, parsnip bark, watercressP1000292

dry aged rib eye, pearl onions, puffed tendonP1000298

seaweed mashed potatoesP1000304

mountain yam, tamarind glaze, coconutP1000307

toasted hay, blood orangeP1000305




8360 Melrose Ave #107
West Hollywood, CA
(323) 651-5866


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