gary danko

to celebrate a milestone birthday for my grandfather, we went out to a San Francisco classic: Gary Danko   P1010116 P1010110 my grandparents:P1000968 amuse bouche: shitake mushroom consomméP1000953 buerreP1000962 lobster salad with avocado, citrus, shaved fennel, and mustard-tarragon vinaigretteP1000977 risotto with dungeness crab, gulf shrimp, shimeji mushrooms, peas and asparagusP1000983 branzini with fennel purée , niçoise olives, and saffron-orange emulsionP1000995 juniper crusted bison with king trumpet mushrooms, cipollini onions, and wild nettle spätzleP1010014 herb crusted loin of lamb with farro, medjool dates, rainbow carrots and green chermoulaP1010020 now that’s one serious cheese fridge!P1000969 le fromagairP1000972 counter clockwise: Époisses de Bourgogne, Bleu d’Auvergne, Manchego, Cremeux des Citeaux, Le Demon du MidiP1010035 lemon souffle cake with creme fraiche panna cotta and raspberry sorbetP1010041 warm louisiana butter cake with apples, huckleberry compote and vanilla bean ice creamP1010047 miganardisesP1010056 happy birthday grandpa!P1010068 take home gift: banana breadP1010107



Gary Danko

800 North Point Street
San Francisco, CA

+1 415 749 2060


3 thoughts on “gary danko

    • thanks! i guess i’d call it a little silver bell, or maybe a mini silver platter (btw, great post on Noma! very jealous! on our bucket list =] )

      • A mini silver butter bell – sounds so extravagant! I’m glad you liked my post about noma, and hope you find the time to go. It’s definitely worth the visit 😉

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