trois mec pt.3

to celebrate Anabelle’s birthday we came to our favorite restaurant in Los Angeles…. Trois Mec!

we were already familiar with the tasting menu so opted for some vegetarian options this time around to explore new creations by Chef Ludo


tucked away in an old pizza parlor, random passerbys would frequently mistaken the restaurant as an actual pizza spot… haha warranting this new sign:P1010431

crispy tapioca snackP1010437

“like fried boba”P1010443

onigiri (sushi rice) with salted cod cream and mustard flower sauceP1010446

garlic bread and buckwheat popcorn with powdered vinegarP1010452

salted beets, shaved radish, carrots, cilantro flowers, mountain vinegarP1010455


nantucket scallop, lemon confit, sesame seeds, tandoori powder, cauliflowerP1010461

the bar seating has quite a lovely view, kitchen hard at work:P1010466






grilled cabbage, smoked almond milk anglaise, miso flan, fennel pollen, shaved cured egg yolkP1010488

potato pulp, brown butter, dried bonito, onion soubise, salers cheeseP1010503




grilled asparagus, wood sorrel, bits of citrus, bearnaiseP1010530

apple butter, creme de brie, toasted barley, hayP1010539

miganardises: petit choux and black garlic caramelP1010545

a wonderful and memorable birthday dinner at Trois Mec!P1010548


Click here for photos from our previous visits to Trois Mec!


Trois Mec
716 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA


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