highly rated on several review sites, daikokuya is quite popular for their japanese ramen and tends to have long lines for a table.  they have several locations, this one was the little tokyo location.

we visited on a weekday evening and had a reasonable wait of around 10 minutes. in true spirit of los angeles, our wait included a celebrity sighting of sean penn and charlize theron as they casually walked by, with most of us completely unaware.


small kitchen where the magic happensP1010821

interesting and fun retro japanese advertisementsP1010827


cabbage salad to startP1010836

fresh noodles waiting to be cookedP1010841

daikokuya ramen with kotteri broth – a richer broth made from the pork back fat YUMP1010848

rich flavors without being saltyP1010851

great chew to the noodlesP1010854

soft boiled egg adds a nice creamy biteP1010872


shredded pork bowl: grilled kurobuta pork belly over rice with sweet glaze, ginger, and fresh scallionsP1010863

delicious fried riceP1010866




327 E 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA

+1 213 626 1680




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