located in old town scottsdale, FnB features seasonal menus highlighting the local agriculture of arizona.  food & wine magazine has called FnB “the epicenter of creative arizona cuisine”, quite the compliment from a respected publication.

chef charleen badman “the veggie whisperer” has received numerous awards, most recently a nomination for james beard best chef of the southwest 2015 and 2014.  she can be found touring the tables during service, ensuring everyone’s wonderful dining experience.

the menu is fresh and creative, combining familiar ingredients with hints of international influence.  there is certainly a focus on the local produce, making it a great destination for vegetarian foodies.  however, the menu also features meat, poultry, and fish so if you’re a bit of a carnivore there are delicious options to satisfy.FnB (1)

catherine & pierre breton vouvray moustillant “la dilettante” chenin blancFnB (2)

heirloom tomatoes, cotija, lime, avocado, i’itoi onionFnB (3)

FnB (4)

grilled asparagus, crispy polenta, fried duck egg, chiltepinFnB (5)

FnB (6)

romanesco cauliflower, fennel sausage, pinenutsFnB (8)

FnB (7)

pasta, roasted carrots, marjoram, goat cheese, baconFnB (9)

FnB (10)

halibut, lemon mayo, snap peas, purple barley, grapefruitFnB (11)

FnB (12)

sweet lemon ice cream with cardamomFnB (13)

FnB (14)

7125 east 5th avenue #31
scottsdale, az
+1 480 284 4777



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