trois mec pt.7

trois mec always has neat dishware, i believe these are custom made by adam silverman in glendale, cap1060851p1060903p1060852p1060855buckwheat popcornp1060867kohlrabi dumpling, avocado, nutsp1060878crispy tapiocap1060882onion chipp1060892mustard creme bruleep1060897p1060902heirloom tomato, crazy cocktail sauce, strawberry, fromage blancp1060911foie gras, corn, young ginger, tosazu saucep1060912p1060921p1060924p1060977salmon, zucchini, smoked eel butter, crunchy bread, bottargap1060933p1060930p1060953p1060945p1060950

p1060936pork, cabbage, smoked garlic cream, tomatillo, grapesp1060939six types of chocolatep1060960mignardisesp1060963p1060971


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Trois Mec

716 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA


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