trois mec pt.5

this post is long overdue!  we recently took a mini vacation back to los angeles and was fortunate enough to get a last minute reservation at our long time favorite, Trois Mec!  happy to report that chef ludo, chef doug, and the rest of the talented team are still producing creative, delicious, and fun dishes.

buckwheat popcorn with powdered vinegarP1030268

fresh greens tartP1030271

fried tapiocaP1030274

garlic breadP1030275

dijon mustard creme bruleeP1030278

spot prawn, fermented black walnut, tomato, horseradish creme fraicheP1030282

sunchokes, long beans, sunflower seed, hummus, plumP1030286

grilled eggplant caviar, jamon iberico de bellota, honey, melonP1030288

radish, burnt bread, fromage blanc, furikake.P1030290

corn, stinging nettle salsa verde, whiskey and bone marrowP1030294

lamb kebab, vegetable couscous, fresh harissaP1030296

carolina gold rice pudding, brown butter, cured egg yolk.P1030299

canele and raspberryP1030303

so great to see the crew and bid farewell to adamP1030306

Previous visits:

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Trois Mec lunch

Trois Mec

716 N Highland Ave
Los Angeles, CA


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